Reflections and lights: a photography tour in Venice

This is a tour for anyone who is keen on photography, both amateurs and professionals, and would like some help to explore the hidden and peaceful corners in Venice and see the city in a different perspective, especially when you have a limited time to wander around.

I have designed two particular itineraries that I find fascinating at twilight or early in the morning and I will run them alternatively. One will be richer in pictoresque corners, hidden gardens and the waterways with its colorful boats, the other one will be more focused on architecture, cityscape and the maze of the narrow alleyways.

As a licensed tourist guide, it will be my pleasure not just to show you the less known corners of my city, but also to give you the historic commentary and tell you the stories behind. I am just a photography amateur, as you can see from the photos in this website, particularly in love with B&W pics and will be happy to share and discuss with you of the ways one can photograph this city in its reflections and lights.

For this guided tour contact me at

Photo: Luisella Romeo

Tour details

Duration 2h
Rate 45 euro per person, min. 4 participants, max. 6 participants
Extra costs no extra costs are expected
Designed for bring your camera and, if you have one, a tripod

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