Arts and Crafts

Venice of arts and crafts: starting with the glass blowers and decorators, to move to those that carve the wood, those that build a gondola and the other boats in Venice, the oars, the oar forks, those that prepare the gold leaf, those that create the mosaic tiles, the ones that make books and paper by hand, those that create with paper, decorate paper like marble, the mask makers and paper mache, that paint masks, those that print fabrics or weave the silk draperies, those that make shoes by hand, that make jewels with ancient beads… In the city there’s a lot to discover and to learn appreciating with your eyes!

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Photo: Luisella Romeo

Tour details

Duration to be defined together
Rate 85 euro per hour (not per person)
Extra costs a fee for visiting the different laboratories when necessary
Designed for everybody, also children

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