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Luisella Romeo
Guided tours and Experiences in Venice

Looking for highly personalised guided tours with a private guide? My name’s Luisella Romeo and I have been a registered tourist guide in Venice since May of 2000, when I was officially certified by the Regione Veneto. Throughout all these years I have been a member of the Association of Registered Tourist Guides in Venice and of the National Association of Tourist Guides in Italy. I am an active member of the BestVeniceGuides project for sustainable tourism. I run guided tours in Venice in different languages: Italian, English and German. Read more →

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For more information on the itineraries and to book with me, please contact me at

  • "One evening I had a new feeling, so beautiful I wished I could lose myself. For the first time I saw the splendor of that square. Suddenly I realized I hate travelling because it's all looking and running away. Instead, I love living in a place, observing it from within..."

    Nicola Piovani Oscar prize for soundtrack in "Life is beautiful" by Roberto Benigni, 1999
  • “From the night of time, it has been sailing; it has touched all ports, has rubbed against all shores, all the quays; on her fish scales remain traces of middle-eastern mother-of-pearl, transparent Phoenician sand, Greek mollusks, Byzantine seaweed...”

    Tiziano Scarpa Venice is a fish, 2000
  • “No matter what you set out for as you leave your house here, you are bound to get lost in these long, coiling lanes and passageways that beguile you to see them through, to follow them to their elusive end, which usually hits water, so you can’t even call it a cul-de-sac.”

    Iosif Brodskij Watermark, 1989

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