The Grimani Palazzo

The palace of the Grimani family was erected close to campo Santa Maria Formosa. In 1981 it was bought by the Italian State that started a renovation work regarding the building and its decorative elements which ended in 2008.

A truly fascinating story of the full Renaissance, that of the Grimanis.

Starting with Antonio, shrewd and smart merchant: he was accused of having betrayed the Venetian State interests, he was brought across st Mark’s square in chains, but years later he got his revenge when he was elected as a doge.

Continuing with the son Domenico: he was a cardinal in Rome aspiring to become Pope, in love with ancient classical art and owner of a wonderful collection, also including the precious Breviary and northern Renaissance art works.

Eventually, Antonio’s grandson Giovanni, patriarch of Aquileia: he was contrasted by the Inquisition, accused of showing too much sympathy towards Martin Luther’s ideas and forced to abandon his aspiration to become cardinal.

The palace, which once hosted the art works and antiquities collection belonging to Domenico and Giovanni, is a real jewel for its frescoes, stuccoes, gildings and the originality it displays in architecture and decoration. A true Venetian domus aurea.

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Photo: Luisella Romeo

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Duration 2h
Rate 80 euro per hour (not per person)
Extra costs entrance fee of the museum
Designed for everybody

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