Ships, battles and foreigners

The tour starts from the maritime museum: in the ancient granaries of the Republic of Venice you can admire the original models of the boats typical of the lagoon. There feature some models of the vessels that were used by the Venetian merchants or military fleets across the seas.

You can also see the several signs of the powerful Arsenale, the military shipyard of Venice, as well as learn about the naval battles in which the Venetian forces were involved in the past.

The itinerary continues along the fondamenta of the Arsenale to go and see the church and guild of San Martino.

Eventually we reach the scuola of San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, where the important Dalmatian community in Venice used to meet. The place is internally decorated with the masterpieces by Vittore Carpaccio.

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Photo: Luisella Romeo

Tour details

Duration 2h
Rate 85 euro per hour (not per person)
Extra costs entrance fee for the maritime museum, entrance fee for the Scuola of the Dalmatian people
Designed for everybody, also children

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