Palladian villas and the Brion Cemetery by Carlo Scarpa

Learning about Venice does not mean to explore the city and its lagoon only, but to discover the mainland and its elegant villas, too. Here the prestigious families from Venice spent their summers and dedicated themselves to agriculture where they re-enlivened the values and principles of the ancient Roman civilisation.

With the help of a private driver, we will reach Villa Emo in Fanzolo to move on to Villa Barbaro in Maser, near Asolo. Both villas were planned by Andrea Palladio and enriched with amazing frescoes by Giambattista Zelotti and Paolo Veronese. We will not miss a visit to the Brion Cemetery planned by Carlo Scarpa and will conclude our day with a food and wine tasting in Maser.

Per questa visita guidata, contattatemi all’indirizzo

Tour details

Duration 6 hours
Rate 85 euro per hour, not per person
Extra costs driver’s fee, entrance fees to the villa, wine and food tasting
Designed for for everyone: kids, too

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