Off-the-beaten path in Dorsoduro

Dorsoduro is the southern district of Venice. There are several walks in the area that will allow to see several important both historical and artistic monuments as well as more elegant and lively quarters. With its balconies and colourful flowers, hidden gardens, and the private boats lolling lazily in the canals is a wonderful place for photography lovers.

The tour can start from the Punta della Dogana, the ancient Custom House, and the spectacular church of Santa Maria della Salute. We pass by the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and we reach the embankment of the Zattere both to enjoy some ice cream and the view over the canal and island of the Giudecca.

We can stop by a place where they make the wooden oar forks for the gondolas and the other Venetian typical boats. Nearby we will see the oldest gondolayard in Venice.

We end the tour by campo Santa Margherita, one of the liveliest squares in Venice thanks to the presence of the major University, Ca’ Foscari.

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Photo: Luisella Romeo

Tour details

Duration 2-3h
Rate 85 euro per hour (not per person)
Extra costs no extra costs
Designed for everybody, also children

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