Gold leaf beaters and artistic foundries in Venice

What you will do

You will visit the only laboratory left in Europe where gold leaf is beaten and trimmed by expert hands as it was hundreds of years ago. Employed to restore art works, make mosaic tiles but also in exclusive food recepies and fascinating make-up, 24-carat gold leaf can also be used for a unique tattoo! Do you want to try? We will then wander around Cannaregio to reach a metal foundry specialised in brass objects. You will assist at the fusion process and understand how decorations are made of the kind you find on gondolas or on the doors of Venice.


around 4 hours


While the laboratory for gold leaf is open on weekdays, the foundry experience takes place on Fridays only.


320 euro for the guide service; for additional costs, please contact me directly as the cost depends on the number of participants

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