A bike ride to discover organic honey in Sant’Erasmo and more flavours

What you will do

Sant’Erasmo is a very pleasant surprise among the islands of the northern Venetian lagoon. The best way to explore the island is by bike. You will enjoy a short walk to reach the bike rental place and then we will start our bike ride passing by the Massimiliana fortress, the beach and then the orchards and vineyards of Venice. You will in particular stop by a family run beehive on the island where you can understand how biological honey is produced. Beekeepers will open for you the hives to see the bees and understand how a natural apiary works. You will finally enjoy tasting different kinds of honey combined to some local wine and food delicacies, both salt and sweet.


around 5 hours


You will need to dress appropriately: comfortable dresses and shoes. The bicycles are new and well working. You will need to fill in a form to certify the owners of the apiary are not responsible if health issues or allergies arise.


400 euro for the guide service; for additional costs, please contact me directly as the cost depends on the number of participants

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